In Denmark, Lego House Is the New Kid on the Block

By | October 30, 2017


Legoland, the Lego toy organization’s leader amusement stop, draws about 2 million guests yearly to the minor town of Billund, Denmark, where the organization has its home office.

Presently, there’s another fascination on the square.

Lego House, which opened in late September in Billund, is a block formed behemoth in the focal point of town that is both a sanctuary to the toy and a place to let free.

All aspects of 130,000-square-foot building has been composed in light of Lego, from the climbable outside of yellow and blue Lego blocks (scaled up to human size) to its “tree of innovativeness,” an almost 50-foot-tall, 6.3-million-block centerpiece worked as a reverence to Lego’s underlying foundations as a wooden toy.

In spite of the fact that it’s been a few years since I’ve had a genuine Lego experience, Lego House attracted me as effortlessly as it did my sweetheart’s nieces and nephews, ages 9 and 7, whose frolics through the four play zones revealed new building openings and difficulties every step of the way.

“My vision with this house is to make a definitive Lego encounter which genuinely unfurls the unlimited potential outcomes there are with our blocks and our Lego arrangement of play,” said the Lego Group’s larger part proprietor, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, at the house’s opening, “and [have] together every one of these encounters in a single house, the home of the block.”

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Two different parks : Germany (close Munich) and UK (close London).Well justified, despite all the trouble if Denmark isn’t on your itinerary.32-43€ for each personne (Germany)….

Eric P. October 8, 2017

As an OG from NYC, you may recall the eateries “Horn and Hardout’s the Automat” to some degree antecedent to this Legos rendition. I…

Andy October 8, 2017

Perusers ought to know there are 2 different parks, one each in the UK and in Germany. Having gone by the German Legoland, I’d love to visit…



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A scale the winding staircase at the focal point of the building stores guests at the Masterpiece Gallery of Lego manifestations, where the conceivable outcomes of the block are featured in figures — including three, 10-foot-tall dinosaurs. Guests at that point advance into one of the zones intended to fortify inventiveness, correspondence, feeling and perception.

Workers positioned in each zone offer proposals and enable little hands to locate the ideal piece for their manifestations among somewhere in the range of 25 million blocks. In the Blue Zone’s Race Track action, a niece and her designing disapproved of stepdad touched through a trough of Legos looking for a streamlined expansion to their autos, at that point dashed them against the family and different developers. In the Robo Lab, they working on programming aptitudes to explore robots over an Arctic landscape. The Duplo Train Builder playscape urges little children to end up conductors utilizing interlocking tracks and moving trains.

In the Green Zone we abode a hour filtering through bricky body parts to sort out minifigures, at that point proceeded onward to the Story Lab, where we utilize preconstructed props and stop-movement cameras to film our own particular Lego motion picture.

The Yellow Zone takes guests to a Lego wilderness, a field of blooms, and under the ocean. Features incorporate a Fish Designer movement with computerized aquariums — divider estimated screens — populated by Lego angle. Guests can sort out a fish and have it checked and digitized at an iPad station — and after that see it spring up as it swims on the screen. iPad scanners at exercises are connected to guests’ wristbands, so every creation can be put away and returned to from home through the Lego House application.

Tickets to the experience zones (199 kroner per individual, about $31) allow passage at particular time squares, however once inside the house, guests can remain as long as they prefer.

Be that as it may, even without a ticket, guests to Billund can at present visit the Lego House, its porches, Lego Store and three eateries. The building’s nine housetop play areas, ground-level chamber and encompassing parks are free and open to the general population, and planned around the possibility of Lego House as an indoor town square for the general population of Billund and guests alike, the draftsman Bjarke Ingels said.

Notwithstanding the experience zones and open play areas, the house likewise incorporates Mini Chef, the world’s first Lego eatery. Requests are taken and sustenance is “readied” by Lego minifigure gourmet experts “living” in iPad boxes at each table, our leader clarified. The culinary experts, she stated, talk just in block: to take care of business, we should first form our suppers in Lego shape.

After seating, every cafe is given a parcel of red, green, blue and dark blocks, which compare to things on the menu. To arrange, we picked one of each shading piece, snapped our suppers together, at that point opened them into a unique plate appended to the iPad. The requests were then examined and “read” by the minifigure culinary experts.

A Lego liveliness engaged us as we held up, and the fantasy was exciting: the minifigures arranged and arranged the sustenance, gallivanting along transport lines and moving blocks as they made our suppers. As a reward and stopgap against the more extended than-anticipated interim between block to plate — regardless of its cafeteria-like effortlessness, this isn’t fast food — everybody at the table had 21 squares to play with meanwhile, and bring home as a keepsake.

Our dinners (169 kroner for grown-up, 98 kroner for kids) in the long run arrived through transport line from a concealed kitchen in goliath blue Lego bento-style boxes. There are no customary servers — dinners are grabbed at a counter staffed by two animatronic Lego robots — however human “assistants” positioned all through the eatery serve alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and answer questions.

The sustenance is shockingly upscale and moderately wellbeing cognizant: grown-up neighborly fixings like coated beetroots and marinated kohlrabi, close by fresh fries or singed natural chicken for the children, who each got a minifigure gourmet expert toy with their feast.

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